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Recent comments

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08:14 Thu Nov 6 TBH I'm not sure OpenVPN on amazon AWS
19:09 Wed Nov 5 Yes all working :) OpenVPN on amazon AWS
19:02 Wed Nov 5 I've got the same question as the OP tklbam local backup escrow keys
14:03 Wed Nov 5 centralized log appliance Centralized logging?
09:29 Wed Nov 5 Opinion Website monetization primer: how online advertising works
08:05 Wed Nov 5 Finished checking into github Request for help creating an official (afp) TKL Time Machine Appliance
22:38 Tue Nov 4 Ok, I think I worked it out... OpenVPN on amazon AWS
21:59 Tue Nov 4 A quick google suggests that this is a Debian regression OpenVPN on amazon AWS
00:34 Tue Nov 4 I don't think that you should have an error Turnkey SugarCRM mysql database and adding .sql
19:40 Mon Nov 3 Category selection error Turnkey SugarCRM mysql database and adding .sql
13:24 Mon Nov 3 Interesting idea - I guess load any external javascript file asynchronously
15:01 Sun Nov 2 It worked How to install Axis in Tomcat appliance?
08:28 Fri Oct 31 I don't use commandline much openvz using the openvzdebian-7-turnkey-fileserver_13.0-1_amd64
05:52 Fri Oct 31 I logged into tthe web openvz using the openvzdebian-7-turnkey-fileserver_13.0-1_amd64
05:18 Fri Oct 31 All good! :) Request for help creating an official (afp) TKL Time Machine Appliance
05:08 Fri Oct 31 TBH it works OOTB for me... openvz using the openvzdebian-7-turnkey-fileserver_13.0-1_amd64
04:39 Fri Oct 31 ok got the upgrade to work.. openvz using the openvzdebian-7-turnkey-fileserver_13.0-1_amd64
04:36 Fri Oct 31 thanks Wouter How do I install mod_pagespeed?
04:02 Fri Oct 31 ahh I got it running and then openvz using the openvzdebian-7-turnkey-fileserver_13.0-1_amd64
03:49 Fri Oct 31 Plans: Yes, ETA: No... Any plans to update to SAMBA4 based appliances?