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23:00 Fri Aug 15 May be to do with system time TKLBAM error doing local backup on fileserver appliance - 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'backup_id'
23:03 Fri Aug 15 Progress? [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
23:15 Fri Aug 15 Any developments on this issue? (?) Large Backups Failing / Stalling - Turnkey Filerserver
23:22 Fri Aug 15 Great work on license Standing up for free software, a free Internet and a free society
02:16 Sat Aug 16 > hotpatches don't go to the Security update regenerates stale SSH ECDSA host key
04:24 Sat Aug 16 Great discussion guys! :) No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
08:53 Sat Aug 16 TBH I'm not sure... Samba add group automatically
09:07 Sat Aug 16 You could use sed Configuring DNS via Command Line ONLY
09:35 Sat Aug 16 True! And you'd know better than me Liraz :) Error establishing a database connection
11:29 Sat Aug 16 To clarify: no harm intended in emphasizing free software values No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
22:14 Sat Aug 16 Thank you very much, it has Wordpress - ftp and update issues
00:44 Sun Aug 17 Nested Virtualisation Is it possible to have KVM run inside a virtualized TKL core running on KVM?
02:33 Sun Aug 17 I've had a quick look at the Hub logs Your Amazon EC2 account is not enabled for TurnKey Linux deployment.
02:53 Sun Aug 17 What version of TKLBAM are you using? (?) Large Backups Failing / Stalling - Turnkey Filerserver
12:42 Sun Aug 17 Probably better to try on Ubuntu forums In VirtualBox, Unable to ssh to Ubuntu from putty
12:43 Sun Aug 17 I'm not sure how Rik went [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
23:55 Sun Aug 17 Nevermind...appears to be a networking issues (ownCloud)
04:15 Mon Aug 18 My website How I can get real time chat solution for my website ?
09:42 Mon Aug 18 Hi Heremy,Thank you :) Configuring DNS via Command Line ONLY
10:29 Mon Aug 18 There may be such a command... Configuring DNS via Command Line ONLY