New BitKey 14.1 release should make Jason Bourne happy

A new version of our Bitcoin side-project BitKey is finally finally out after I found the time to give it some love. Specially designed to make Jason Bourne happy.

BitKey is a self-contained Live CD/USB key with everything you need to perform highly secure air-gapped Bitcoin transactions. Offline cold storage made (slightly more) practical.

Get the new version while it's hot at

Changes in 14.1:

  • Refreshed component versions and base OS to Debian Jessie, thanks to Yannick Heneault.
  • Fixed Electrum issues.
  • New Bitcoin apps: warpwallet, coinbin & libbitcoin-explorer (bx)
  • Added background color labels to boot modes
  • New packages: secure-delete, dosfstools (mkfs.vfat)
  • Desktop UX: Saner cut and paste, improved keybindings
  • Manually verified & signed integrity of upstream components
  • Improved documentation

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