Marching towards v14.0 RC2

Update: v14.0 stable is available in all build types: OVA & VMDK, Proxmox, OpenNode & Docker (Proxmox build is somewhat generic LXC/OpenVZ container) and Xen & OpenStack.

As anyone who has been paying attention would realise; v14.0RC1 has been out for over a month now. And here at TurnKey central we have been very busy updating the appliances. To be honest I wish that I was announcing the final release, but alas we're not there yet - there's still lots of work to do...

But we are certainly getting closer and I hope to be announcing a RC2 release very soon... Hopefully we may even be able to provide some prebuilt ISOs of v14.0RC2 appliances too! Obviously you could build them yourself but hey, we get that it's easier if that part is already done...

Progress Report

As you can see on our v14.0 Appliance Build Status Spreadsheet many of them (70+) are basically complete. While we've been at it we have managed to close 30 issues (mostly bugs). However we still have over 100 to go....

So most of the existing appliances are done. But we still have to test most of them and we also have a ton of bugs to squash. Depending on how things go we may need to hop over some of the feature requests to v14.1...

Outstanding appliances

Of particular note are the appliances which are still outstanding. These are (with some notes): [updated 07-07-2015]

  • asp-net-apache - apache-mod-mono didn't make it into Jessie so will need to use upstream
  • django - TKL Django example app needs rewriting from scratch
  • domain-controller - needs testing (and possibly tweaking) due to Samba4 now being default Samba
  • drupal7 - upgrade existing drupal6 appliance (so that it uses drupal7 from Debian repos - might rename 'drupal-stable') Note: we decided to just reuse the existing Drupal7 appliance (installed from upstream with drush)
  • drupal8 - update of existing drupal7 appliance (install from upstream - probably rename drupal-dev) Thinking perhaps just name drupal8.
  • ejabberd - Speeqe not compatible with Django1.7; either need to install replacement app (such as CandyChat?) or install Django1.4 to be deferred for now
  • fileserver - Ajaxplorer has been radically updated since v13.0 and is now Pydio - old integration doesn't work... - we ended up doing things a little differently this time...
  • joomla25 - needs update to latest stable Joomla (and renaming) - now Joomla3 (tracking the v3.x.x branch)
  • lighttpd-php-fastcgi
  • mysql - currently being worked on by Ken
  • nginx-php-fastcgi
  • openldap
  • owncloud - oC7 in Debian repos; but probably need to document installation/upgrade from upstream... - partially done
  • postgresql - also currently being worked on by Ken
  • torrentserver - relies on fileserver to be deferred for now
  • trac - some packages missing from Jessie
  • typo3 - currently in progress
  • xoops
  • lxc
  • Keep in mind that some of these are already in progress but if you have some specific interest (e.g. you use that appliance, are involved with upstream, really love that software, are an expert, etc) then please post (or contact me directly) and I can give you some guidance.

    Also as noted above we still have plenty of issues to close, so perhaps you can help with those?

    Credit Where Credit is due!

    I would also like to take this opportunity to give some credit to those that have been working to get this release to where it is. Some are long standing TKL community members who have contributed much over a number of years; others are new comers who have just started helping us out.

    Some have contributed new appliances, or updated existing appliance build code. Some have reported bugs and some have fixed them I have tried to name everybody but I'm sure that I've missed some. Please feel free to speak up if you didn't get a mention and think that you should!

    In no particular order:

  • Jonathan Struebel
  • Jeroen Peters
  • Landis Arnold (TKL)
  • Ken Robinson (TKL)
  • Tim Hibberd (TKL)
  • John Carver (TKL)
  • @SiKing
  • Lloyd Ernst and including Bryan Santos, Adrian Del Rosario, Rodolfo Lansangan & Justin Ashley Salvacion
  • Tim Buckland
  • Hans Harder
  • @wvengen
  • Anton Pyrogovskyi
  • Stefan Davis
  • Alfonso Valdes
  • Vinitha Cejo John
  • Mark Krueg
  • Richard van Dijk
  • Rob Fantini
  • pee

    Part of me would really like to get into the detail of what each of these great people have contributed but I'd probably never finish this blog post. Plus it would make it more likely that I would miss some important info...

    More Help Needed

    Despite the progress and all the great work already done by those noted above (and others I've possibly missed) we still need a big push to get this over the finish line. I am concerned that without some more hands pushing us along I might be writing a similar post in another month's time. Please help me avoid that! :)


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Thanks for the encouragement! That helps keep us going!

It's been taking us much longer than I would have hoped. But we are getting REALLY close now! :)

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v14.0 now includes Webmin v1.760. If you're running the rc then you can update it with apt (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)
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It helps tons! :)
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I need to rebuild a Nginx server - is there somewhere I can get a RC1 built iso - or is RC2 just round the corner? :-)

But if I can get the RC1 iso - happy to try out on that and give it whirl.

(one thought though is - would RC2 or final release also need a rebuild - or would this just update from repositories?)

thanks, Scott


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I can't guarantee a timeframe but it should be a matter of days...


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