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This morning I cloned a Turnkey VM and it went no problem.  Networking was set up to eth1, I assigned an IP and all was peachy.

I went through the same process aftr that cloning the new machine to a new third machine.  All seemed to go well, but when I start the VM it is looking for ETH2 rather than ETH1.  As such I can't log into it though I can kill the Console interface and root around there.

Why is this one looking for Networking on eth2 rather than eth1?  I only have one Network Interface defined for the VM (and the same for the other VM's)

(Am using ESXI 4 with the VServer setup to clone the VM)

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check out these posts, sounds like a problem with duplicate mac addresses:




They are mainly for CentOS/Red Hat and Suse but I guess the fix on TKL should be similar or they should at least point you in the right direction.


Hope this helps,


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Did another short search and came across this problem in the vmware community:


They also posted a fix for Ubuntu which should be the one you are looking for (Post #3 and #5).

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