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Hi there. 

I have booted and configured a turnkey OpenLDAP server.  

I can't login to the LDAP administrator at https://machineip. 

I keep getting a  

error Unable to connect to LDAP server TurnKey OpenLDAP
Error: Invalid credentials (49) for user
error Failed to Authenticate to server
Invalid Username or Password.

even through I am 100% positive of the password used. 


PLease advise. 

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So I'm not much help sorry... I'll have a look when I get a chance or perhaps someone with some experience with it will beat me to it.

Please feel free to bump this thread if you don't have a reply soon! :)

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Turnkey Openldap ----

Centos Client-----


I Just Configured the turnkey openldap

access it via web broswer,

added a user,

now i want to join my centos client with turnkey openldap domain,


but unable to do it, plz help, thx in advance,

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   I am also facing the same issue. If you got the resolution please tell me the steps

email :

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I have also same problem , i tried to find solution on google but i did not get solution. if anybody loged in ssuccessfully to the ldap server pls suggest me .

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