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I see there is a new version of the PHPList script ... what would the TKL recommended method for applying this update be?



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It looks like it's installed from upstream so check the PHPList site on instructions to update.

I suggest that you test it on a vanilla VM first to ensure that nothing major seriously breaks. Document your steps as you go (unless of course you are following someone else's instructions - just note anything that you do different).

Then once you are happy with that, do a backup of your server (TKLBAM is good and/or do a manual backup of the directory and a dump of the DB) and do tha same steps on your real server...

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new stable version 2.10.19
6 August 2012
phpList version 3.0.2 is the latest stable release. It was released on August 19th, 2013
So manually upgrading is the only way?
/me is wondering what the point is of the virutal software appliance that is 1yr+ out of date?

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