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I have a webserver running on a TurnkeyLinux LAMP stack.

I also have an account with JungleDisk for backup to the cloud.

I also have an account with Amazon AWS servces.

I want to stop using the JungleDisk backup. They tell me I must delete all my data, and suggest I might terminate my AWS account, if I don't use it now that JungleDisk won't be storing my backups there.

What I want to know is, does the LAMP stack server run on AWS space? and if so is it independent of my account with AWS, or dependent on it?

In other words, if I close down my AWS account, will my LAMP stack server be compromised?

Thanks for your help

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If so then yes it is dependent on your AWS account. If it is running somewhere else then it probably isn't.

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LAMP stack doesn't use your AWS account for storage at all unless you activate backups. But that's just the default you can also send your backups anywhere you like. The underlying backup system supports that.

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OK. Thanks. So if I use Tklbam to back up my server (which I should certainly start doing), will it ride on my existing AWS account, or create a new one? In other words - same question - can I close down my AWS account completely, or should I keep it open?
The EC2 Account link on my Turnkey account page shows lots of stuff about many Amazon servers around the world. Did I create those? Not sure. I'd like to get rid of it all and make a fresh start. Is that OK, or would I lose my Turnkey stuff if I did?

Where is my live LAMP stack server sitting? Is it in an Amazon cloud, or somewhere else? Jeremy askis if it is running 'in the Hub'. I have no idea. I created it through your interface, but I don't know where it is sitting or what the Hub is. Thanks, and sorry - treat me as a newbie, but I'm confused and need some help!
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If you go to https://hub.turnkeylinux.org and that looks familiar then you are using the Hub! :)

Judging from what you are saying I am 99% sure that you are using the Hub. That would lead me to believe that your LAMP server is running on AWS. And your Hub account would be linked to your current AWS account. TKLBAM backups also rely on this Amazon account linkage. So if you cancel your AWS account then it will destroy your LAMP server...

If you look at the Servers page then any servers listed there you have created (at some point). If they have a green dot to the left then they are running, blue dot means they are stopped. If you click on one of them, it should drop down with more info about that specific server.

One way that you may be able to see what other applications you have attached to your Amazon account (and cancel any you no longer want) is to go to the AWS DevPay page. Once you have logged in then towards the bottom of the page there should be a list of 'Applications' there (at least one of which should be "TurnKey Linux"). Any that you no longer want can be cancelled by clicking the "View/Cancel Application" link below each service/application that you wish to cancel (and following the prompts).
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Thank you. That was extremely helpful. I think I'm sorted now.

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