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Hi. When I look in my Apache error log, I am seeing the following error:

RSA server certificate is a CA certificate (BasicConstraints: CA == TRUE !?)

They seem to happen around the time I try accessing my home server from work. I never get through from work and usually get a server not found error. I am using the LAMP installation in a virtual machine. How do I fix this error though?

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Can't say I've come across that, although I haven't combed my apache logs either. Is it an error or just a warning or even perhaps just info? Not all 'errors' are issues that you need to resolve, The problem you are having may relate to something else completely

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It depends how you create the SSL cert. If you follow the advice on this website:

Then you will see the warning message above in your apache error.log file.

However, if you create the cert this way:

Then the error message will be gone.

Essentially the error message means you have created a cert that is intended to be used to sign other certs, but you're using that cert as your SSL cert.

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First I was getting the OP's error about a CA certificate. I tried the link from "hope this helps" and now I get the dreaded "Init: Private key not found." I've been trying to get this thing going for two days now and ready to pull my hair out.

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