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Any plans to integrate this project in Turnkey Linux ?? 



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Let’s Encrypt has been on our radar for a while, but I was unaware that the beta is now public!

That's great news as adding OOTB support is a real option! Is it something that you are interested in helping out with? Or just offering a suggestion?

We are gearing up for v14.1 now. It will mostly be about bugfixes and pre-installing all the security updates; but if we can squeeze a new feature or 2 in too that'd be super awesome! :)

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I would be glad to help out, but I would only be able to help testing, as I have no or very little programming experience.


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Hopefully we can get it done. I think it'd be a great new feature.

Assuming we get to it (and I hope we do) I'll try to remember to let you know. :)

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Any news on this yet?

I understand that Debian is including tools for this CA, but have heard little feedback from Turnkey.

Any Turnkey-dedicated tutorials would, I am sure also be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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We don't have an ETA but we do definitely have something in the pipeline. It's mostly done, but we're not 100% sure on how best to include it. It will definitely make it into v14.2 but may be released separately prior to then. We'll have to wait and see...
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Hi Jeremy,

Perhaps it would have been polite to say, ''Thank you'' for a pretty fantastic piece of software in my first post - Sorry for that.

I suppose it all depends on two things:

1. The ETA of 14v2 - At a guess, you will be pretty pleased with 14v1, so I wonder if a new version is likely to be soon.

2. What form a LetsEncrypt update would take? If it is possible to release it as an automatic roll-out update, then that would be great, but as a command-line update I can see problems with those of us who are taking the first steps into Linux.

Of course, I would like it tomorrow (Mmmm)!

Just an afternote. Am I being completely thick or is the documentation for this software hard to find?

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To answer your questions:

1. v14.2 has no ETA at this point. Technically we haven't even started work on it (although you could argue that our integration of Let's Encrypt SSL certs is a planned component of v14.2). I would say 3 months at the absolute soonest. In honesty that timeframe would require us to start work now. Regardless, I would hope that v14.2 will be released by the end of the year.

2. The Let's Encrypt integration will be commandline only but will be interactive and easy to use.

It is almost certain that we will release this prior to v14.2. We are also extending on Confconsole and ideally we would like to make the SSL certs part of Confconsole so we may actually roll them out together? There are still too many unknowns at this point...

I know that the commandline can seem a little daunting coming from a GUI background (I've certainly been there after years of being a Windows "Power User"). But once you become comfortable with it a whole new world opens up. One of the things I particularly like is that unlike GUI tutorials, following commandline tutorials leaves little room for ambiguity. Anyway...

Regarding finding docs to do this yourself; a great place to start is the Getting Started page! If you keep in mind that under the hood TurnKey is Debian (i.e. v14.x = Debian Jessie) then there should be tons of relevant material online. Also Ubuntu is pretty close to Debian (it's also based on Debian, but isn't completely binary compatible) so often Ubuntu instructions will also be relevant. Although be careful with some things; e.g. never add an Ubuntu PPA repo to a TurnKey/Debian production server.

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I needed this for a TurkeyLinux Lamp server. After some trial and error I finally got it working. I've put the docs up here in case it helps someone





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AFAIK you should be able to install python-dialog from the Debian repos (rather than ours - we use an old version for legacy code reaons). You could then ajust your first step to one line. Regardless, I don't mean to be critical, just sharing info. Good on you for taking the time to write it up and share. I'm sure others will appreciate it. :)

FWIW our code in progress can be found here. Anton has had to put it aside due to other pressing priorities but it should be functional. We haven't finished testing yet though and still not 100% sure how we'll roll it out to existing users. We need to make sure that it doesn't break things fir users that have already configured things themselves. Regardless you will need to manually invoke it (it certainly won't auto run!)

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Thanks Ano, many hours saved thanks to your help. 

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I just realised that I had not responded to all this (mainly because I had nothing to contribute) but I have been reading contributions, so I thought thanks to Jeremy and Ano should be added.

A side note to the reassurance and encouragement to learn command-line is also necessary - I really do try to take the jump.

I came from DOS and other more obscure OSs, so I cannot justify the fear - maybe soon I will evolve.

Thank you all.

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    It seems this is still not easy to do with Turnkey Joomla or Turnkey Wordpress.     It has been a year. Anymore news ona good implementation on cms systems?
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See here. And the whole library should now be updated to include it. Including v14.2 Joomla and v14.2 WordPress.

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