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Hi everyone,

I've successfully installed the Mattermost, which worked just fine.


I'd like to upgrade it to the last version, however - 3.4 according to their website, while the Turnkey server is on 3.0.


There is an upgrade guide at, but I'm having trouble finding the mattermost.conf file to "verify the line limit nofile 50000 50000" at point 1.1.2.


Can someone guide me on how to upgrade to the latest version?

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I just upgraded TKL Mattermost to 3.4 successfully.

The steps were:

  1. download new mattermost release to /tmp/ and unpack with tar -xvzf
    1. wget
    2. tar -xvzf mattermost-team-3.4.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
  2. stop mattermost server  
    1. service mattermost stop
  3. go to /opt/mattermost/config and move the config.json file to a temporary directory
    1. mv config.json /tmp/
  4. go to /opt/ and delete old mattermost folder:
    1. rm -r mattermost/
  5. move the unpacked mattermost folder of the new release from /tmp/ to /opt/
    1. mv mattermost/ /opt/
  6. move the config.json file into the new mattermost folder:
    1. mv config.json /opt/mattermost/config
  7. because I did all this as root I had to change the ownership of the newly moved mattermost folder: from /opt/ directory:
    1. chown -R mattermost:mattermost mattermost/
  8. finally I restarted mattermost:
    1. service mattermost start

That's it. Worked flawlessly for me. I hope this is helpful.

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You rock! Thanks a ton for sharing. I'm sure this will help Torsten, plus many others! :)
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I'm trying to find the TKL for mattermost. Can you point me in the direction you found it? 

Thank you in advance


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Our Mattermost appliance is a bit out of date and includes a version of Mattermost that has some potential security issues. We hope to update it soon, but in the meantime, we thought it best to unpublish the appliance page.

AFAIK the image itself is still on our mirror (here's the mirror), but unless you plan to immediately update Mattermost itself, I recommend that you hold off on downloading it.

Hopefully the updated version will be available soon. When it is, this page will work and the download links for the different build types should be obvious.

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