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I want to set my locale to Japanese. (showing Japanese output when I type  ls command in a terminal)

I tried to install the language pack, and set the environment variable LANG, but it doesn't work. I have googled that and tried some ways but still can't slove this problem. Since TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance is only en-GB locale, I think this is a common issue. If someone know how to do that please help me. You will be very appreciated. Thanks!


I am using Ruby on Rails appliance. Some thing i have tried like

apt-get install language-pack-ja
export LANG=ja



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Configuring locale in Ubuntu hardy is more difficult than it should be. First you generate the locale like this:

locale-gen ja_JP.UTF-8

You can find a list of locale codes here. Then you edit /etc/environment to replace the LANG variable.

In later versions of Ubuntu there is the localeconf package. FWIW, when the next version of Hardy comes out in April we'll release new versions of the appliances. Debian support is also planned, and configuring locale in Debian Lenny is also pretty easy:

dpkg-reconfigure locales
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How do I change the env var when the keyboard does not work as expected?

It would be nice if the configuration console also had a "language/locale" option.

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I toned your comment down, though I almost deleted it. If you have a problem, just ask for help - you don't need to be rude, curse and use upper case (aka shout).

We are a friendly and helpful community, so please follow the code of conduct.

Now, to your suggestion - having a simple way to set the language / locale is a good idea, and we would love the community to step up and either document how to do it, or even better, submit code.

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