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I'm currently in a location for work for a few months that has really fast free WiFi that you get access to by creating an account and then authenticating yourself via a login page. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of ports that allow for online gaming (Steam, etc) aren't open, so whenever the work day is over, other than going to the gym, I'm super bored and have this gaming laptop with me basically for a paperweight.

For anyone suggesting tethering w/ my mobile service provider, I do not have service here. It's a deadzone for my provider. I also am absolutely not buying a mobile hotspot, that's way too expensive.

I'm not asking for VPN recs per the sub rules, but rather will buying a worthwhile VPN and enabling it essentially bypass the port issue I'm having so I can play online video games, or will I have to do some tweaking? I've never used a VPN before so I am unaware if it's as simple as just enabling it will do the job.


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I can't speak for third party VPN providers, but if you had an instance of TurnKey OpenVPN appliance running somewhere outside the local network (with blocked ports) and then redirected all your traffic through the VPN, that would certainly work.

FWIW, the remote VPN could be anywhere really, so long as it doesn't have the desired ports blocked. For example, a OpenVPN server on the Hub should work well (note that the larger the instance, the better the network throughput), or even an instance running from your home (assuming that you could set it up remotely) would probably do. Although be aware that the quality of the connection would be impacted. The maximum bandwidth that could be achieved would be limited by the narrowest connection within the path (if hosting OpenVPN via your home, likely the "upload" limit of your home internet connection); plus the routing would also increase the latency; i.e. ping rate.

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