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I am attempting to use the Let'sEncrypt funtion in confconsol. I work though the wizard, everything seems to procead fine, and it finishes without error. But the cert on my web server doesn't change - it is still using the unsigned cert. Any ideas? Are there any log files or ways to tell what happen.

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Did you open a new browser window/tab? If not, you may just be using a cached cert?

Have you tested Webmin too? (The new cert should work for that too so it's a good way to test).

Also, can you share the domain so I can have a closer look at the cert myself? Because if the Conconfconsole Let's Encrypt completely successfully, it should "just work"...

Oh also, it's be useful to know the appliance name and version this is. If unsure, please just share the output of:


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