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How to switch between LAMP screen(main window) and command prompt screen?

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Try logging in via shellinabox or SSH.

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need tutorial  for  lamp stack

i  have  my  own  domain  , and  like  to run  my  own  server.
and  use  my  own  domain
but  i  cant  find out  how  so  i like to use  tutorial


spend  2 days   without  any  luck i  trash turnkey and  use debian instead

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Could you please elaborate on your "showstopper" issues?

I see that you posted a couple of issues on the forums (and apologies that I have been slow to respond) but it seems that both of the issues you posted, you managed to resolve. So it is unclear to me what your final reason to give up on TurnKey was. Or was it simply a case of "death by a thousand papercuts"?

Even if you prefer to go with vanilla Debian (which I can understand if you found TurnKey painful) it would be really useful for us to understand your issues so we can improve TurnKey for other future users.

Regardless, thanks for giving TurnKey a try. Although it's sad to see you go and hear that you had such a poor experience. We put a lot of effort and time into TurnKey and it's always disappointing when people such as yourself decide it's more trouble than it's worth. :(

[update] Was it configuring your own domain that was the issue (as per the post you responded to)? If so it should not make any difference! TurnKey is built on top of Debian and we use Apache2 from the Debian repos. Beyond our SSL hardening and our custom default site config (which you would normally replace anyway) nothing should be significantly different.

yes  i  would prefer  using  turnkey  its the best i have tried i have  tried  lots of systems,

i set  up my  domain and try  using  it  but  i can only using it  local

creating  virtual host is not  working
just downloaded  turnkey-lamp-14.1-jessie-i386.iso

and  vill try it again :)


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Ok great.

How about you start a new thread and detail what you are trying to do, what the desired result is, what you have tried already and what the actual result was. I'm not always the fastest to reply, but I'll definitely help you out as much as I can.

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Hi Jeremy,

as well, I do have problems getting virtual hosts to run. obviously the configuration of document root is ignored. So whatever servername is requested, the configuration homepage (with the three tiles) is the reply.

is there an overruling policy in force that keeps things from happening?

I love TKLX. however I will try a plain vanilla setup next.


Michael Maaß 


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Please might someone consider cleaning up this list by removing the following articles, because they contain no relevant information?
  • Turnkey Linux on Proxmox Virtual Environment (aka TKL on PVE)
  • How to setup a Testing Environment with Proxmox on your LAN
I came looking for info on using TKL with Proxmox (PVE) and found these, and then was frustrated because there is zero useful info in either of them. I don't just mean it's not useful to myself. Sadly they contain nothing TKL-specific, and only a few notes about ancient versions of proxmox itself. I'm sure they were both added by well meaning contributors, but this isn't a useful thing to preserve on this TKL site.
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Thanks for your feedback. I had a quick look and I get your point.

Although I would prefer that they are updated and/or made relevant rather than just removed. Unfortunately, I don't have the spare cycles to do that at the moment. Also, my experience suggests that new users are usually much better placed to write n=docs for other new users (have much deeper insight into the things that are useful/helpful or not).As someone who only uses Linux, I'm not in a good position to judge what is or isn't useful.

If you (and/or anyone else reading this) sign up for an account and want to have a go at it (logged in users can edit any of these doc pages), that would be deeply appreciated!

Also, if you are having issues and/or have questions and/or feedback re running TurnKey containers on Proxmox we'd love to hear. Although it's probably best ot post in the forums (requires log in to start a new thread - which is generally preferable).