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Anyone have any ideas on what would be the best option for backing my server up onto a bootable dvd.

I know if I was to do this in windows I would use something like ghost and that would reinstall the whole system onto the partition if a drive failed etc.

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I once had to make a customized live distro of a workstation ubuntu, to be able to install several pre-configured workstations. Remastersys was a very easy to use tool. I think it can help you achieve what you want. Please try it and come back with your results.

I've also made plenty of use of remastersys for making ready-to-go workstations. I found that however lean you're able to make the machine, you'll still need more than a CD for your image, so serves us well to keep blank DVDs at hand.

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Although last I used it, it only supports a max image size of ~4.5GB (ie single DVD).

Also, you could use TKLBAM. Just make a local backup and then burn it to DVD (or use the default S3 cloud storage as it's pretty cheap - ~$0.14/GB/mth). As TKLBAM is a 'smart' backup, it will only backup what's needed (rather than everything like RemasterSys will) so your backup file size will be significantly smaller.

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I will have to check the size of the Os but I think it is less than 2 gigs.

It's  pitty that I could not make a bootable iso via windows to extract and install the Os / partitions

as the Os is running on a compact flash card.

I think you can see where I am comming from.

I might have to wait until I get my mac as OSX is more tollerant with linux.

Well lets face it it is darwin and not Microsoft who make things totaly difficult.

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Then RemasterSys is probably not a bad solution providing that your size estimate is close. You will need to add the repo and install it inside your TKL appliance, then follow the instructions, it should be pretty stragihforward.

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