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Hi All

Do any of you guys know where I can find an older version of lamp?

The reason needed is that virtualmin will not install with lamp 11 and up.

If not could some of the older appliances be added to an archive for us mortals that like to tinker with virtualmin :)

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The images themselves are no longer available for download sorry (SourceForge requested their removal some time ago due to the volume of space taken by them).

However if your only reason is because of VirtualMin, why not just troubleshoot that?

AFAIK it should install fine. TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid and a quick google suggests that installation should work ok (although there may be some idiosyncracies to work around...)

Here are some links that look relevant (although I haven't tested):

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Thanks for that

I have looked at the links and deployed the instructions given.

it seems that installing virtualmin via webmin was the issue I was having.

installing via shh instals all of the modules required for virtualmin to work correctly,

without halting at every point



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Ok using the virtualmin on the latest  tunkey appliance will not work :(

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Are you referring to TurnKey Core 12.0rc2? Because according to VirtualMin OS-Support, Debian Squeeze (6.0.4) is considered a "Grade A" OS.

My only guess without testing it myself is there are issues (or maybe missing modules) as we packaged webmin and its modules as debs.

If you can provide error logs it will be much easier to help. BTW, you can install more webmin modules if needed via APT:

apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-MODULE

If all else fails, you could always purge the webmin packages and install from upstream...

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But it is something of a moot point as Ubuntu 10.04 (basis of TKL v11.x) is also on the 'A' grade support list. Everything else you say is also relevant to v11.x.

So Kevin if you want a hand troubleshooting you'll need to post the outputof theinstall script so we can get an idea ofwhatmay be the problem.

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Hi thanks guys

I have done most of what you have said here, except for using the turnkey core 12.0rc2.

after some searching and googling the errors.

one of the issues was apt-utils was not installed, which was causing virtualmin install to fail.

Then the other issue where it halted was related to debian and, and a conflict with the webmin installation.

So I removed the webmin install, and then ran the virtualmin installation sequence again.

The out come of this was to totally make the Turnkey installation go fatal error to the point of no reboot.

So I downloaded the ubuntu server 10.4 iso and installed the server the long way (this is why I like Turnkey) with only Open-SSH installed.

Done all of the usual configs to the network and host files, updates disable apparmor etc, but did not install apachie Mysql etc.

then went through the Virtualmin install again.

After around 30 mins the server was up and running with all packages installed to make Virtualmin work as a hosting server.

The only conclusion I can come up with, is you have to remove every element of the server install except from Open-SSH.

Perhaps it might pay to create a Turnky appliance from the core package that gets the Virtualmin installation file and installs it on the fly.

The only issue would be is that virtualmin askes for a proper domain to install so the host file would have to reflect a domain not lamp etc.

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I have just updated a blueprint in regards to Virtualmin. When I get a chance I may have a play with this. Here's the relevant blueprint FYI:

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Thanks Jeremy

One thing I have notice once you have installed virualmin on a cleen install of ubuntu

It changes hosts file: from this the server ip    localhost.localdomain localhost

to the gatewaty's ip address             localhost.localdomain localhost

it also messes around with the DNS, snd you have to go into the virtualmin settings and change

default ip addresses for dns to automatically detect

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Done a search on my desktop found an old version.

I have managed to install virtualmin, and now up and running.

Once I have done the full rebuild, I will look at posting a full tutorial of how it was done....

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