Troubleshooting OpenStack Authentication and Networking

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The OpenStack Authentication service (Keystone) is a complex service, as it has to deal with underpinning the authentication and authorization for the complete cloud environment. Common problems include misconfigured endpoints, incorrect parameters being stored, and general user authentication issues, which involve resetting passwords or providing further details to the end user.

Getting started

Administrator access is required to troubleshoot Keystone, so we first, configure our environment, so that we can simply execute the relevant Keystone commands.

# Administrator Credentialsexport OS_USERNAME=adminexport OS_PASSWORD=openstack
export OS_AUTH_URL= export OS_TENANT_NAME=cookbook

How to achieve it…

Carry out the following steps when encountering the problems presented.

Misconfigured endpoints

The Keystone is the central service that directs authenticated users to the correct service, so it’s vital that the users be sent to the correct location. Symptoms include HTTP 500 error messages in various logs regarding the services that are being accessed and clients timing out trying to connect to network services that don’t exist. To verify your endpoints in each region, perform the following command:

keystone endpoint-list





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