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Hi all, This is my first visit and I was wanting some basic advise on Turnkey. I have tried other o/s ( nas ) but they have proved to be so unreliable, and I have read good things about Turnkey that I thought I would give it a whurl. So to my questions :- At present I just want to have the ability to have my media files and document files available on my home network.I have a pc (dual core 1.6GHz + 4GB ram +80GB ssd and 2x 3TB hdd,s) to run Turnkey on and was wondering which would be the best way to do this ?.To download the core app and then add the file server and the media server, or to just download the fileserver and the media server ?. The 2 X 3 TB hdd,s at present have some data on them as they were set up as a raid 1 (mirror), I am guessing that it would be advisable to wipe these and reformat( ext4 linux) before installing Turnkey, using one drive for my data and the other drive as a back-up and using the ssd for the operating system, (and any other further apps that may be required in the future). I look forward to any and all answers and suggestions, cheers all.

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The Mediaserver appliance is actually based on the Fileserver appliance so includes all the Fileserver components OOTB. So I would recommend, just going with the Mediaserver alone.

Having said that, the Mediaserver currently contains software called Emby. Whilst the version that is currently pre-installed is pure open source, unfortunately Emby have since changed their licence. Whilst it still includes open source components, the core of newer Emby versions are now under a proprietary licence. There is nothing inherently wrong with Emby, but as we have a strong commitment to open source, we will be releasing an update to the Mediaserver appliance without Emby.

Instead of Emby, the upcoming release of the Mediaserver appliance will include Jellyfin (a bit of a strange name, I know). Jellyfin is a fork of the last pure open source release of Emby. Already there is quite some divergence between the 2, but in essence, they fulfil the same requirements.

Unless you are super keen to install and get things going, I would encourage you to wait until we release the updated Mediaserver appliance with Jellyfin. I can't promise when that will be but hopefully within the next few weeks.

Alternatively, you could run with the current appliance and either continue to use Emby if you wish, or migrate it to Jellyfin yourself. If you do choose to stick with Emby, please be aware, that if you change your mind later, migration from newer versions of Emby to Jellyfin will likely be problematic (migration from older version of Emby - such as included in our appliance - should be ok).

Also, regarding your desire to set up RAID, currently the TurnKey installer doesn't provide support for that OOTB. So you would need to install, then manually configure RAID later. TBH, I've had no experience with that so I can't really provide much guidance. But if you keep in mind that under the hood, TurnKey is Debian (v15.x = Debian 9/Stretch) then you should find plenty of info online. Please feel free to ask for further clarifcation though, as I do have a good understanding of TurnKey and my googlefu is pretty good! :)

Also to clarify, each TurnKey appliance includes a complete OS. So if you plan to run multiple appliances, then you may be best to use a hypervisor of some sort and run individual appliances as VMs. I use the term VM loosely here and use it to include containers. It sounds like your PC doesn't have tons of spare resources (although plenty for the purposes of most Linux headless servers which you might wish to run), so it may be overkill to install a hypervisor. However, personally I use Proxmox VE as a hypervisor aqnd find it great. Alternatively, you may wish you give our LXC host appliance a try. If you wish to dig in and learn a bit about LXC that's possibly quite a good option. If you aren't so interested in learning and would rather use a nice web UI, then Proxmox is likely a better option. And installing TurnKey to bare metal is an option if you wish, just please be aware of the limitations.

I hope that's enough to get you going. If you need any further clarification, please ask.

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