I am new to bitcoin and download bitkey to try out.

When I open a terminal session and try to switch users to # su -

it requires a root password. I dont know it. I googled but to no avail.

For obivious security reasons I would like to set my own root password...

Any help or comments is appreiciated

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As a general rule, on a desktop style system, keeping root disabled is the best plan and it's what I'd advise. If you wish to use "root" commands, then use sudo instead of su. FWIW sudo will elevate you to root level and if it asks for password it will ask for your user password. su will ask for the root password (by default root doesn't have one on BitKey).

If you are sure you do want to enable the root account (TBH I'm not sure why you would), you can. You just need to set a password. I.e.:

sudo passwd root
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thanks for the information

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