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Hi there, forgive me if this is an obvious question. I've used TKL appliances a couple times before on VPSes but that's about the extent of my experience.

If I wanted to use TKL on Armbian, what would be the necessary steps to generate an image?

Please note that Armbian is not Raspbian, so "just use this port/guide/etc for Raspberry Pi" may not work. The ARM single-board computer field gains more entrants every day, some of them substantially different than Raspberry Pi.


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I am not completely sure, but from a quick browse of the Armbian docs suggests to me that Armbian is essentially vanilla Debian (obviously using the ARM variant) with a custom compiled kernel (or at least that's what the Debian based version appears to be).

TurnKey is only targeted at amd64 (i.e. x86_64) architecture so won't "just work" OOTB. However, most (if not all) of the TurnKey tools and scripts are written in Bash and Python so should run under ARM. If you are pretty handy with Linux and want to have a play, it should be possible to set up Fab and friends to run on an ARM system. I.e. essentially create an ARM based TKLDev. Once you have that, then you could build Armbian based TurnKey builds. Unfortunately because we don't provide an ARM package repo, all the TurnKey packages would need to be built for ARM, but you could do that via Pool. Or as I said, they should all run ok on ARM, so you could pull the .deb files apart and make them install-able on ARM.

Unfortunately though, there are no instructions for this. So it'll likely be a bit of a slog and involve lots of tweaking and trial & error. I would not suggest you consider this unless you have some good Linux skills and/or a ton of patience and/or the desire to get your hands dirty and learn lots. I'm more than happy to provide some assistance and guidance along the way, but I don't have the time to go through and spell it all out (and don't have a relevant ARM board to test and confirm my assumptions along the way).

FWIW, I have always been keen on trying to make TurnKey (at least the build system) more architecture agnostic. Part of my plan to do that was to leverage QEMU but it never really got off the ground (so many things I'd love to do and so little time...).

Anyway, good luck with it. If you do head down the path of trying to get this going, then please feel free to post any questions and/or post how you go! :)

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Thanks for this. I'll revisit TKL on Armbian if I'm successful at developing a TKL build for nginx + Postgres and for Pleroma. :)

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When you get Pleroma sorted and are ready to have a crack at this, please feel free to hit me up for more pointers.

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