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OK, so here is what I am working with. I've been given the task of updating a coworker's laptop (more ram and swapping over to an SSD). I was given a 120G ssd to transfer everything over to. The original HDD is 320 GB, using only 90 GB of the actual drive (something around that). now clonezilla (on beginner mode) won't allow me to clone a larger drive to a smaller drive.

I have so far used gparted to shrink the partitions on the old drive to the point that I can transfer the partitions over to the new drive. I then set the same partition sizes on the new drive. I then used clonezilla to clone the partitions to the new drive. I double checked my work to see if everything transferred over to the new SSD correctly and so far as I can tell, everything should work just fine.

I then swapped the new drive out for the old one and attempted to boot up the laptop. some of you I am hoping will know what happened and what to do next (Or at least that Is what I am really hoping). for those that us that don't: when I boot up now all I get is a blinking cursor in the top left corner.... I'm kind of at a loss of what to do next.

I have attempted to use a windows 10 installer disk to run a repair, but it tells me that it was "unable to do the repair". I also ran a hardware test through the BIOS and when it was checking the hard drive it threw an error (I forget what it said). I've even booted linux up off a thumb drive to inspect the ssd and again, so far as I can tell, everything is there...

As best as I can figure, when I cloned the partitions the boot loader didn't get copied over and now I don't have a boot path to follow? what would you all recommend?

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We're TurnKey Linux, so use of Clonezilla to transfer Windows from one HDD to another is way off-topic here. So I can't help you explicitly (I'm not a Windows user, nor do I have much experience with Clonezilla) .

Having said that, it sounds to me like you've transferred to partitions, but not the MBR/GPT (partition table) so when it tries to boot, it can't find the bootloader - which would most likely be installed to the MBR/GPT.

A quick google for something like "clonezilla transfer larger to smaller disk" you should find what you're looking for...

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