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Hello! My setup is Proxmox 5.2-1 with 2 CT’s, an Ubuntu CT to run plex and a CT running Turnkey fileserver. I am also looking for some assistance setting connecting the shares in the fileserver to a VM running windows 10. I’m new the Proxmox so any help is appreciated. Thanks you.

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Possibly the easiest way of sharing files between networked Linux machines (VMs, containers or bare metal) is to use SSHFS. SSHFS uses an SSH connection to mount a directory from the host to the guest. When attempting this within a PVE container, you'll need to ensure that the fuse package is installed on the host and the module is enabled (that is because PVE containers use the host kernel).

As they are both containers on a Proxmox host, probably a better way to do it would be to create the shared directory on the Proxmox host and mount it into both of the containers (as a bind mount). You'll need to do all that within your Proxmox host. There are some limitations though, so best to have a read of the Proxmox docs.

Seeing as you are using the fileserver appliance, another option would be to ensure that the Samba guest utils are installed in Ubuntu, and mount a fileserver share on your Plex host.

Regarding connecting to the share from Windows, it should "just work". Could you please elaborate on the difficulties you are having?

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