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So, work was trashing 10 old Dells, i7 2600, 8GB RAM, but no hard drives because they had to be retained to transfer data. Normally they would get scrapped, but I was allowed to take them. Anyway I'm throwing some old drives in them and I was going to use Ripbot264 on them, or use them independently with Handbrake to get a large movie collection into h265 format. Once this is done, can anyone recommend a good use for them? I was browsing distributed computing projects to toy with, because unfortunately they cannot be donated to a needy school which would have been my first thought.

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Can share my computer screen with another computer?

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Hey Darry,

I know this is a year plus out of date, but I wondered if you found a project for all those boxes.  I've seen a few pictures of the linux based systems to make a super computer.  Any luck?

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I guess I was looking for creating a cluster with something like Slurm or Ganglia managing it.

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Sorry, but can't seem to open new topic...



we've installed the Tunkey on a Virtual Machine.

Goal is to have Remote Access to the environment with a couple of accounts.

I was wondering if we need to install a tool (like Cisco Anyconnect, Checkpoint VPN,...) on the clients laptops to set up the VPN ?


Or how should we do this ?




Best regards,


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More details would certainly help.

Although reading between the lines, I'm guessing that you're running the TurnKey OpenVPN appliance on your local network and trying to connect remote clients into the network via the VPN tunnel, correct?

Assuming that I'm correct, so long as you have the required OpenVPN ports available to the world, then you should be able to use any VPN client that is compatible with the OpenVPN protocol. As OpenVPN is free open source, support for it is pretty common (a majority of commercial VPN providers use it). Although having said that, I've always used the "official" OpenVPN client and it works fine. You can get it for Windows or Mac OSX. Note that they are encouraging use of the new v3 beta version (which I haven't tried), but if you read the text you'll find links to the stable v2.x version too if you'd rather go with that. The "official" client software is also available for Android and iOS. Linux GUI clients are also available, but I'm guessing you don't need to know about them...

Re not being able to start a new thread, I've tweaked your account to (hopefully) allow you to avoid most of the spam filters now. Although I note that even after I updated Fritz's account in the same way, he is still having issues. TBH, I don't really understand why as 2 new users have been able to start new threads, without me applying any of the tweaks?! Anyway...

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Hey Didier,

We'll probably need some more detail.  Are you trying to get access to the VM server?  So something like SSH would be my favorite to access it.  You would just make serveral accounts on the VM TK box and the clients could access it via their favorite SSH tool.

If I misunderstood give us some more details.



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