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VBox shared folders vs Windows shares (accessed with CIFS/Samba) 2
TKLBAM Throttling 1
TKLPatch for Drupal 7 29
Implications of MYSQL user in Webmin (password change) 4
Viable Patch Candidate?: Airtime for Broadcasters 7
Potential Patch? MIDAS2 Digital Archiving System 0 n/a
Moodle version - why only1.8? 7
Moodle Help! 3
Recomend Sub Forums (and Wiki) for different Aps. 1
Hi New Turnkey 0 n/a
Is this right Apache forum? 1
Calibre Server Patch for Core 11.3 Lucid 6
Any plans for Chiliproject ? 7
Recommended Memory Size (RAM) for a 3TB File Server 1
Setting up redmine under https 0 n/a
Would a "cluster ready" appliance be useful for you? 11
Portable Server. Does this make any sense? 5
tklbam-restore features suggestion : more verbosity and progress bar 0 n/a
confconsole - license for source code files on github? 3
Serve files and DB from the same instance or seperate? 0 n/a
Wanted: turnkey gpgpu platform for economical parallelism 0 n/a
TKLBAM saves the day again 0 n/a
TKLPatch for Bacula [Updated] 39
TKLPatch for Tryton ERP 0 n/a


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