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Out of the box security on TurnKey LAMP (and other appliances) 4
TK Wordpress Appliance - Images Only Show on Local Network 1
config apache for cgi 4
TKLPatch for TKLClient Core 14
Developing New Website 1
TKLPatch - ownCloud v0.1 0 n/a
Backing up Zimbra 4
WiFi works but get error in console - Networking is not yet Configured 6
Updated DLNA media server patch with webui 8
TKLBAM Restore Breaks Postfix in Joomla16 0 n/a
Hub Time Offset 2
HUB speed causing issues 3
TKLPatch for Alfresco 3.3g Community Edition 68
Need some suggestions for deployment. 23
Torrent downloads 5
Packages from Repositories vs up-to-date packages 8
Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL for Amazon EC2 2
TKLBAM and Hub features 18
Discussion about "Powered by Turnkey Linux" led to thoughts of other defaults in ap setups. 1
TKL web configurator 9
Clarification needed for TKLBAM-RESTORE --limits usage needed 2
TKL and OpenVZ 11
Appliance created : Round cube 12
Suggestions and feedback for Drupal 11RC 23
Site Search Engine 1


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