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owncloud nextcloud 3
TKLDEV updates 3
Appliance created : Typo 3
Firewall 3
Way to avoid the monthly Amazon fee? 3
Installing TurnKey VMs on XenServer hosts 3
TKLDev - make clean not working properly but there's an easy fix 3
Using Turnkey Linux Wordpress for a 1000 subdomain provider 3
Vagrant Base Box of TKL Core available 3
OVF import broken on Virtualbox 64bit. Fix and other suggestions for easier TKLX on Virtualbox. 4
Arguments against deprecating 32 bit TKLX. At least mantain the novice-friendly builds. 4
Possibility for future release - Install/upgrade scripts for appliances? 4
Is there any apps I can install on top of my own ubuntu? 4
TKLpatch for FUDforum 3.0.1 4
OneSwarm - Potential for TKL? 4
Turnkey Mailscanner Appliance 4
TKLClient Core Appearance 4
Out of the box security on TurnKey LAMP (and other appliances) 4
quick q's on TKLBAM migrating 11.2 to 12.0, and suggestions on security practices 4
Suggested extra security measures for LAMP appliance... 4
Dropbox on TKL container (file server) 4
TKLPatch for B-Translator 4
Configuring Host only VM on Ubuntu 13.10 4
How to reset MYSQL password for user root 4
Server to send emails..؟ 4


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