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openLDAP Appliance and General Development Philosphy 3
OpenLDAP Applicance, back_sql and oracle 0 n/a
OpenScholar 1
OpenSim Appliance 3
openstack vs private mini cloud 4
openVista and Koha 1
OpenVPN - remove and/or recreate profiles, not just revoke... 2
OpenVPN Turnkey Linux? 4
Oracle XE 11g 2
OSTicket Turnkey Linux - Any plans? 2
OTRS 443 80 Port Change (Apache) 0 n/a
OTRS Version in Turnkey v14 1
Out of the box security on TurnKey LAMP (and other appliances) 4
OVF import broken on Virtualbox 64bit. Fix and other suggestions for easier TKLX on Virtualbox. 4
OWASP Top-10 3
Owncloud appliance 1
owncloud nextcloud 3
Packages from Repositories vs up-to-date packages 8
Partitions 7
Patch created : Agilo for Scrum 2
Patch worthy? Afterthedeadline 18
Pay pal question 1
Paying to use Turnkey LAMP on EC2 1
Percona, MariaDB and TokuDB appliance 3


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