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(concept Idea only) ISO file with other templates inside 3
Roadmap and Keeping Appliances Up-To-Date 8
Debian 8 (Jessie) 5
TKLdev build: ISO to OpenVZ? 17
upgrade fresh lamp install to jessie 7
sogo mail yahoo problem 1
Wordpress 4? 8
Dev Question: Preferred way to disable service (confconsole) from running at boot? 17
OVF import broken on Virtualbox 64bit. Fix and other suggestions for easier TKLX on Virtualbox. 4
Recomendation for TKLBAM archive to Glacier 3
Dolibarr or Odoo 5
Marionnet Network Simulator 5
Bugs with TurnKey website 1
Rasbian port of TKDEV? 5
Arguments against deprecating 32 bit TKLX. At least mantain the novice-friendly builds. 4
Why not a .vbox in the "default ZIP build" for an appliance (in addition to the .vmx)? 2
Linux watchdog handler 1
Linux system monitoring tools 1
email Server 6
Anyone had any success using TurnKey images on ARM devices? 14
TKL + CentOS ? - is that in roadmap? 2
Back to Ajaxplorer 14
Update to GitLab for CVE-2014-9390? 1
Concrete5 Applicance 1
Why the Turnkey Linux ISO is bigger than most of the Turnkey App ISOs? 1


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