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I cannot sign on to Craiglist from my computer, but my son can sign on my account from his computer at another location.   I know zero about computer problems or hijacked pages.  Can anyone help me here or do I need to call in the Geek squad?  

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I cannot even get onto the craigslist website, forgot my handle and password.  Then I get a message that the certificate suggests this is an untrusted site, or something like that.  Went to tools and made some changes, still cant.  All that appears is the sign on page, when I click n anything (forgot password, new signup account, more information, then I get the page that says this is a unsafe blah, blah, blah.

Funny thing is, is that I have an item on craigslist that I want to amend.

Another problem is somehow I screwed up my restore points for system restore, can't go beyond 5-2-10, which I know that if I could go back a month or so, I could probably repair this.  When asked to create a store point and it will include the date, I don't know how to create one for earlier accessing, thanks for your help. 

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craigslist also has on its sign in page "enable cookies"  I have allowed my computer to accept all cookies, now what?  Thanks.

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