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Im new to linux so this might be a daft question

I created a virtual server

Uploaded a fresh copy of Joomla went to

When joomla checked the config

it showed configuration.php writable  as no

how do I configure webmin to allow configuration.php writable as yes when a virtual server is created?

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I don't use the joomla appliance but you can check the ownership and permissions of the file with ls -l. Then, apply changes with chmod/chown depending on what you need. The easiest way would be a chmod 777 configuration.php but this is not very secure, so maybe the idea is setting a 755 permission and set ownership to www-data:www-data.

If you post here the result of ls -l I could help you a bit more.

But a quick search on linux file permissions would help you better understand what's going on.

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Browse to the folder where the file is using the Webmin File Manager, select the file in the right pane and click the Info button. Adrian's advice should still apply there.

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Ok done however once I installed Joomla and went ito admin I noticed that the folders joomla created were not writable. this is going to be a pain if every time I add something to joomla I have to repeat the prmissions process. is ther not a way of doing this automatically?

The reason I ask is that eventually once the 64Bit version of Turnkey LAMP is ready I shall be deploying it onto my main box, and doing away with windows.

I shall be allowing a small number of people access with their own vertial host to develope sites.

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And you're not using the TKL Joomla appliance?

If you've installed it yourself then it sounds like perhaps Joomla is running under the root account rather than the webserver account (www-data)? I'm not familiar with Joomla but I would imagine that ideally you'd want Joomla to be running under a limited user account (such as www-data) rather than root.

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