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WordPress appliance with S3 storage - How do I access WordPress via SFTP?

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I've spun up a Micro instance in the 'Hobby' version of TKLH. 

I have connected via SFTP and am trying to find where I directly upload the theme I am trying to work with. Unfortunately, I can't even see /var/www which is where I understand WordPress is installed.

Is this because of S3? And if so, do I have any way around it or do I need to upgrade and use EBS?

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I just tested and it works for me!?

The WordPress files are exactly where I expected - /var/www/wordpress. The only thing I can think is perhaps you forgot that by default you start in the user's home directory (ie /root by default). Is that possible? Otherwise I have no idea because the micro AWS instance I just created was fine...

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Thanks Jeremy. What do I need

Thanks Jeremy.

What do I need to put in as my default directory? Because I couldn't navigate to /var/ after i'd logged in as root (does that make sense?)

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Probably need a little more info

How are you connecting? What client software are you using? Are you connecting from Windows?

I use Filezilla and find that to be pretty intuative and clear. Its cross-platform too, although I don't know if there is a Mac client.

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One other thing, does the

One other thing, does the S3/EBS thing mean when I turn my Micro instance off I might lose data? I don't really understand that bit yet. 

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Micro instances are EBS backed

And can't be S3 backed. EBS is persistant and in my experience can be stopped without dataloss. However IIRC Liraz wrote up somewhere a good explanation of the differences. TBH I haven't had a  lot of experience with AWS and always have backups so worst case scenario it doesn't matter too much. If you use TKLBAM test it (by restoring to a new instance) before you rely on it. Also unless you are on the free tier then monthly EBS charges acrue whether your server is running or not (unless you destroy your server).

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I get the feeling that

I get the feeling that because I am on the 'Hobby' option that my Micro instance can only be backed by S3 and as a result, without using TKLBAM I cannot rely on the data hanging around. Is that right?


This is only an issue now while I play around with migrating everything over however I would like to get my head around this so I know how it works exactly when I have data I cannot lose. My only concern with relying on TKLBAM is that the WordPress sites I will be hosting (in a WordPress multisite setup) may need to restore back to different points on a site by site basis so I may need to look at additional backups as well to solve this.

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