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Hi ,

I am a newbie with TKL . I have downloaded the TKL LAMP appliance and managed to get it running on VirtualBox OSE. I have updated the TKL install . I have tried to install 2-plan from http://2-plan.com/open-source-project-software-2-plan-team.html onto the /var/www/ and also tried to run it as a virtual server on a random port no port 81, but havent succeeded. Pse point me in the correct direction with references/ documentation.

I have got the 2-plan-team up and running on  a LAMPP server on my linux box, but I am getting stuck in trying to install the same in TKL LAMP server. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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Then it should 'just work', especially if you have had it running on another LAMP host ok. The only things to test OTTOMH would be path (by default the doc root is /var/www so if you installed to a sub-dir make sure you include that in your path when you browse to it).

I would suggest that you get it working first, then change the port. Don't forget to also add/change the port that Apache listens on. Its configured in /etc/apache2/ports.conf

Also don't forget to restart Apache after making config changes (service apache2 restart).

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if you got a 2-plan-team virtual machine, would you share it, please?

Thanks in advance


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