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Can anyone tell me how I can easily migrate a Wordpress appliance from a Micro instance to Small?

I've tried to do it using a snapshot, but then it says I need to pay $20/m on top of what i'm already paying. Really?

I'm not too worried about EBS/S3 behind the scenes (should I be?) because I use TKLBAM for backups. The appliance is running a few small WordPress sites i've done for friends but I continue to have issues with speed/outages (per my other post) so I figure moving to a Small instance will be the way to go.

Open to suggestions, and help!

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Snapshots require EBS backing (which technically Micro instance also require except you can avoid that with frined referrals).

So if you are only running one Medium instance then you can stick with the Hobby plan. If you have more than one Medium appliance though, I think you'd be better off paying the $20/mth. If you go for a reserved instance then you should be in front financially anyway.

The easiest way to setup TKLBAM is with the Webmin module. Assuming you already have a Hub account then that side of things shouldn't be too big a deal.

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Ok so it appears given I have referred some friends that I am in some strange middleground where my Micro instance CAN access EBS which otherwise requires a TKL subscription. Is that right?

Ideally I am moving to a Small instance (Reserved) to stop these spikes/outages etc. however if that requires a TKL subscription just to access reserved instances then this is starting to get a bit more expensive then I otherwise would have expected. 

Is that the case?

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To access Reserved Instances you need to be on the $20/mth plan (the 'free - invite a friend' only applies to Micro Instances). Perhaps it's worth using TKLBAM to migrate your data to a Small instance and just use the Hobby plan initially (to test that it works for you) before you upgrade to the Reserved instance. Even though the plan is $20/mth, you'll save that (and more) by going for a Reserved Instance.

After having a fairly extensive read around the place, I am inclined to think that it is probably being caused by a CPU spike. Apparently it is pretty common for AWS Micro instances to get throttled when CPU hits 100%, and when they do the site can basically stop functioning. So did you end up doing some more troubleshooting to see whether it was a module or addon causing a CPU spike? Another thought... perhaps the monitoring you are using is part of the problem? (Only throwing ideas around - I have heard that any sort of bot or spider on a website can cause enough of a CPU spike to cause an AWS Micro instance to throttle). This could especially be the case if the monitoring occurs while the site is in use or a cron job is running or something similar...

Another option may be to try using the cpulimit daemon that I posted about recently to make sure that you don't get CPU throttled on the Micro instance (may be a solution assuming that you have very little traffic?).

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