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«Top Links» is one of the basic blocks in Magento that allows to create personal area for the customer within your online store. Top Links includes: Login/Logout, My Account, My Wishlist, My Cart and Checkout links. By default «Top links» are located in header, but they can be moved wherever you want if it’s needed.

One of the most important differences between top links and regular static links is that when you add products to cart or to wishlist, top links automatically records products which were added.

Example of Top links in default  Magento theme in the header.


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Is this an advertisement or a question?  Would make more sense to put this to the Magento Forums or Wiki, but not in support forums for TKL apps.  Perhaps I am missing some context though.

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I have spoken to this poster before as all the previous posts were pretty spammy (just trying to improve their SEO). They have improved and their posting and is now more relevant to TKL users, but in all honesty only just. That fact that you are the first to respond to any of their posts suggests that it's not very relevant to TKL users...

Perhaps the info might be useful for some TKL users, but as it's essentially just a repost of their blog, I'm sure that people could find the info via google (from their blog or elsewhere).

I might give it a day or 2 and delete this...

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