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Due to heavy traffice of my website and visitor's queries I have decided to provide online chat support service on website, kindly suggest efficient live chat software.

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Hiya, You can try if you like. There are many others listed on sites like 

Or maybe just google it?

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Hi Jenny,

I recommend one video chat software provider, it is 123 Flash Chat, they offer one live chat software named 123 Live Help, you can enter their official website and testing the  Live Help with their sales.

You also can check all the details here. This software will boost your traffic and increase your business.

Thanks, hope it will help you something.



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Hello Jenny

For proactive live chat support you may think about eAssistance Pro live chat software that is forever compatible to website, software having traffic analyze feature, monitoring visitors information, chat transfer option and many more features which you like.

For free trial, visit here

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CometChat is the user friendly software for mobile application. Has lot of features  which can be use easily. CometChat iOS/android app is available at the Google Play and Apple Store for FREE. You can visit this site

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Thanks all to suggest me best chat aapplication

Recently, I have set up free trial of eAssistance Pro live chat software,  it's working smoothly and having useful features which I had need that. After free trial I will decide for purchasing.


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Live2Support live chat software has many intelligent features which help retailers to target and engage key visitors and customers. Get more information on how this technology works and how one can get benefits? To read more visit -

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Hello, i am Lindsay Walden and I’m really into new technologies. I think one of the next big changes that might come is livechat. Recently i struggled over and for me, this app has a lot of potential.
It has many features that you would not expect to find in a livechat solution - and for this functionality, it also has a decent price. I like it and would recommend it - but just try it out for yourself!

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Try out !  They offer a trial and then you pay for the plan and the plan is really cheap and it is not per seat it is per agent.  Seriouslly you can get 10 agents with the lowest plan (the highest plan has only about 5 more smal features) for $23.00 per month!  That is so cheap!  Highly recremended also!