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Hi, Newbie here. I have deployed successfully a Virtual Turnkey Linux v15. I can access Webmin, Adminer and the default Wordpress install. I’d like to additionally host another eight sites on the same server install. Four of the additional sites are basic html sites and another three are “php / database” sites (non wordpress) and another full separate WP site.

I have setup DNS and Apache virtual host to successfully reach the sites directories. I have created the DB user accounts as needed by the config.php from each site and assigned permissions. I have mirrored what is apparent from the embedded WP site.

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As it sounds like you are aware, you will need to use Apache's name based virtual hosts (example here).

At least in theory, that should "just work"! Clearly it isn't working as you'd expect so something must be wrong.

One thought that springs to mind is that any Apache config requires a restart (or reload) for new config to be applied. I'm guessing you've done that, but it's worth mentioning as it often trips people up.

Beyond that, I can only guess what might be going on...

Are you using Webmin? Or configuring it manually via the commandline. TBH, I have very little experience with configuring it via Webmin. Personally, once I got my head around Apache config, I found it much simpler to do (and maintain) via commandline. But obviously YMMV.

So to be able to give you any significant assistance, I'd need to see the config that you already have set up. I forget exacly how Webmin saves the config (so not sure where it would be within the filesystem) but if you're using commandline, then each of your new sites are likely within /etc/apache2/sites-available. Assuming they're there, then posting them would be a good start.

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