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I just switched to Proxmox and noticed all the Turnkey Linux Appliances templates for LXC.

Does anyone use these? What are your experiences with them?

I had a quick look at some on the Turnkey site and a lot of them seemed to include unnecessary stuff (e.g. web admin consoles for samba) and were running quite old packages in some cases.

Are there any particularly useful or widely used ones in there? Seems like they could be useful for getting g a quick local demo of something before setting it up from scratch (e.g. the observium one piqued my interest.)


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I have run TKLX VMs in production for 6 years.

NO VM is fire-and-forget...not Turnkey Linux VMs, not Bitnami VMs, not VMs from the O/S vendors and not VMs from the Cloud vendors (e.g. AWS).

No one offers a lifecycle-managed product. It is simply a tested snapshot in time...a known starting point.

If you roll your own VM using Packer you would still have all the same lifecyle management obligations.

And remember...a VM is O/S + Packages (e.g. PHP) + Tools + Application so there is a lot to lifecycle manage.

After that...it is up to you to decide how you want to lifecycle your VM.

In my case, OnePressTech provides a managed Customer Cloud service based on a WordPress TKLX VM. From a client's perspective OnePressTech handles everything so they don't factor into the VM lifecycle management equation. The client has access to WordPress admin only and has no access to the VM tools and admin interfaces.

So my lifecycle costs are lightweight. I keep an eye on security notices for the sub-components and will deal with an issue if I need to but, in general, Debian security releases handle the issues that arise or TLKX issues a new release (rare but 15.1 would be an example).

TKLX support is responsive if an issue arises and the community is helpful and knowledgeable but plan on being the one to solve a problem if one arises. I had a failed VM based on a corrupt grub boot loader. While TKLX and AWS support were responsive and helpful we did not fix that specific issue in that corrupted VM. So I restored a previous release using TKLBAM to get up and running, created another new VM, ported the old application data across and re-launched as a new VM. Never had a problem since.

So you can see...find a managed service provider or plan to have to do some low level work occasionally.

Why choose TKLX from the other VM alternatives...TKLBAM. The incremental VM backup is a differentiator that has saved my bacon a number of times.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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