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Activate PHPMyAdmin Grid Edit 6
Active Directory Integration through LDAP in WordPress 18
add a forum-software to mediawiki 12
Add LDAP to Samba PDC 8
Add new application to an appliance 8
Add new language to Canvas 3
Add Samba Server To Turnkey Joomla 4
Add schema to turnkey-ldap 2
Add usb HDD to TurnKey server (home) 3
Adding A New Drive To File Server 4
Adding additional domain controllers to a Samba4 forest using TKL 10
Adding additional services to a turnkey LAMP server 1
Adding DBI and DBD::mysql Perl modules to mySQL LAMP 1
Adding disk space with Redmine appliance on Turrnkey Hub 5
Adding extentions to mediawiki 1
Adding features (gitweb) from Revision Control to Redmine appliance 2
Adding features to turnkey fileserver 1
adding FFMPEG to LAMP 5
Adding host folders to file server 20
Adding LDAP support to bugzilla turnkey is failing with missing compiler error 2
Adding library to PHP 1
Adding locales and language support to TurnKey LAMP stack 4
Adding magnet urls manually? (Torrent Server Handler not working on Firefox 10) 1
Adding more Apps 1
adding more shares to turnkey Linux file server 0 n/a


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