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Recent comments

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10:28 Wed Mar 5 This has nothing to do with Linux, TurnKey or otherwise... (wikimedia) Unique domain name turns back to IP outside physical network
19:40 Wed Mar 5 Thanks a lot friend. That (wikimedia) Unique domain name turns back to IP outside physical network
02:54 Tue Mar 4 Not sure... (wikimedia) Unique domain name turns back to IP outside physical network
16:22 Wed Oct 30 Figured it out *In a pickle* Cant access TKL LAMP from WAN ! ! !
18:23 Mon Apr 11 .htaccess files don't work .htaccess and .htpasswd files
16:16 Mon Apr 18 Sorry for slow response... .htaccess and .htpasswd files
16:11 Tue Jul 10 TKLBAM Fixed that for me .htaccess got hacked by
14:50 Tue Jul 10 By default www-data can't login .htaccess got hacked by
16:15 Wed Jul 25 same thing happened to me .htaccess got hacked by
15:51 Mon Nov 5 Tips to find which files .htaccess got hacked by
21:15 Fri Aug 17 Tip for Joomla admins: .htaccess got hacked by
15:27 Sat Oct 18 .htaccess .HTACCESS RewriteRule Problem
09:47 Wed Aug 24 Hey Rob /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01turnkey after upgrade wheezy to jessie.
01:54 Thu Aug 25 OK /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01turnkey after upgrade wheezy to jessie.
10:05 Sat Aug 8 Another tip apt-get autoremove /lib/modules occupied disk space
10:38 Thu Sep 20 These are kernel modules /lib/modules occupied disk space
02:37 Thu May 10 '' can be handy for figuring out crontab timing /lib/modules occupied disk space
07:03 Tue May 8 A few thoughts (and a long ramble)... /lib/modules occupied disk space
23:26 Mon May 7 System disk full /lib/modules occupied disk space
12:35 Sat Sep 22 Thanks. It works.  After /lib/modules occupied disk space