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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
22:01 Wed Sep 12 Indeed, we've been using the Turnkey Hub Not Responding
22:01 Wed Sep 12 Offline again seems to be offline
21:49 Wed Sep 12 Hi Jeff, Turnkey Hub Not Responding
21:41 Wed Sep 12 Confirmed. Turnkey Hub Not Responding
14:01 Wed Sep 12 when i create a new user (no Bugzilla needs a legitimate login and password to continue
09:04 Wed Sep 12 Thanks for the feedback TurnKey DokuWiki version (14.2) - ACL Issue
14:13 Tue Sep 11 Own Dokuwiki vs 15.0 TurnKey DokuWiki version (14.2) - ACL Issue
02:09 Tue Sep 11 Anything you want to overlay, add to overlay/ directory Mastering/prototyping an appliance
01:58 Tue Sep 11 Hi Paul Where can I find or what is the path to the the control panel
01:22 Tue Sep 11 Thanks Mastering/prototyping an appliance
01:05 Tue Sep 11 TurnKey is my life! :) Mastering/prototyping an appliance
20:15 Mon Sep 10 thanks Mastering/prototyping an appliance
16:08 Mon Sep 10 thanks Mastering/prototyping an appliance
13:51 Mon Sep 10 Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
11:02 Mon Sep 10 Yep, you'll need to "recreate" what you've done to use TKLDev Mastering/prototyping an appliance
17:13 Fri Sep 7 thanks Mastering/prototyping an appliance
06:17 Fri Sep 7 Hi Alex Mastering/prototyping an appliance
05:37 Fri Sep 7 Thanks for helping out! :) TurnKey DokuWiki version (14.2) - ACL Issue
04:58 Fri Sep 7 Apologies on slow response. Turnkey - Fully qualified domain name - Openproject installation problems and newbie questions
04:47 Fri Sep 7 Sorry for delayed response I cannot host additional sites on TK WP v15