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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
19:23 Sat May 23 OK Lets do it! TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
06:55 Sat May 23 Thanks again Brian Wordpress With PHP 7.3
06:19 Sat May 23 Some more notes... Odoo (TKL v16.0)
06:18 Sat May 23 Yes! Perhaps you can help?! TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
16:38 Fri May 22 Console Messages Wordpress With PHP 7.3
11:34 Fri May 22 Haha! Ironically I only just noticed this post! :) v16.0 Stable Release #2 - 10 more ISOs, Hub & Proxmox/LXC builds
10:59 Fri May 22 FWIW I noticed that my console got polluted over time.. Wordpress With PHP 7.3
10:23 Fri May 22 Hey Ben, thanks for testing and feedback Wordpress With PHP 7.3
10:05 Fri May 22 Ah ok, great! Wordpress With PHP 7.3
06:08 Fri May 22 Howdy, admin Wordpress With PHP 7.3
05:14 Fri May 22 Yes unfortunately TKLDev v15.x is now broken by default... Odoo (TKL v16.0)
05:00 Fri May 22 It looks like a package no longer exists Odoo (TKL v16.0)
03:49 Fri May 22 Ben is right! Newbie - add extra apps to core appliance
03:23 Fri May 22 Networking Okay Wordpress With PHP 7.3
02:51 Fri May 22 Thanks for this note too. Wordpress With PHP 7.3
02:06 Fri May 22 Looks like there is still some networking issues?! Wordpress With PHP 7.3
01:21 Fri May 22 FWIW those warning messages are instead of the stacktrace Wordpress With PHP 7.3
00:18 Fri May 22 Building the ISO for Odoo (TKLdev v15.0) has failed Odoo (TKL v16.0)
00:15 Fri May 22 Wordpress - Site Health Status Wordpress With PHP 7.3
00:00 Fri May 22 Building the ISO for Core (TKLdev v16.0) has succeed! Odoo (TKL v16.0)