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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
02:48 Tue Jan 28 Apologies on slow response... File Server 15.0 docker link seems broken
02:33 Tue Jan 28 Yes, editing /tklbam-dump/TKLBAM/newpkgs by hand should be fine TKLBAM restore - stuck?
02:30 Tue Jan 28 Great news! :) No fstab on system
02:11 Tue Jan 28 packages needed TKLBAM restore - stuck?
01:52 Tue Jan 28 Sounds like a great plan! TKLBAM restore - stuck?
01:49 Tue Jan 28 Yes it's possible. Use TKLBAM on USB / flash based storage?
01:39 Tue Jan 28 Problem solved on a new VM No fstab on system
01:24 Tue Jan 28 I assume this is running on Proxmox? No fstab on system
22:36 Mon Jan 27 I think this error occured in my case too. Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
19:44 Mon Jan 27 Down again x2 Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
19:42 Mon Jan 27 apt-get update fails 111 apt-get update fails to work on new appliance
16:57 Mon Jan 27 minimal restore TKLBAM restore - stuck?
02:59 Sun Jan 26 apt-get update not working seems to be offline
19:07 Sat Jan 25 archive down again? seems to be offline
10:45 Sat Jan 25 Down again Turnkey Core 15.0 new install -- Failed to fetch
14:46 Fri Jan 24 Hello everyone. I am new here syslog server appliance Request For Features (RFF)
13:11 Fri Jan 24 It's working Debian security update breaks v15.x LAMP based servers!
13:09 Fri Jan 24 Thank you v15.0 Stable Release #3 - 35 updated/new apps in all builds
07:57 Fri Jan 24 Thanks again for sparing thte Media Server for Stability
07:56 Fri Jan 24 Yes, I was using USB3, but Media Server for Stability