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09:57 Tue Feb 11 Hi there, I've cleaned up the other threads and edited this one NextCloud 15.2.1 Turnkey - Trusted_Domains issue, no access to web interface.
09:43 Tue Feb 11 Not sure where Jessie came from in your sources list? Turnkey Odoo appliance update
05:54 Tue Feb 11 Some more information Turnkey Odoo appliance update
18:34 Mon Feb 10 Postgresql, TurnKey GNU/Linux 14.1 Debian 8.4 Jessie Update GIT How to update git on "TurnKey Revision Control version (13.0)"?
12:57 Mon Feb 10 Hi Jeremy Turnkey Odoo appliance update
06:46 Mon Feb 10 Was just making sure TurnKey - WordPress 5.3.2 update - breaks plugin connection
01:15 Mon Feb 10 5.3.2 TurnKey - WordPress 5.3.2 update - breaks plugin connection
00:58 Mon Feb 10 Sorry, I don't quite understand? TurnKey - WordPress 5.3.2 update - breaks plugin connection
00:48 Mon Feb 10 Glad you worked it out! :) TKLBAM restore - stuck?
21:02 Sat Feb 8 overworked? TKLBAM restore - stuck?
20:04 Sat Feb 8 normal warnings? TKLBAM restore - stuck?
03:29 Fri Feb 7 Hi there Nuno Turnkey Odoo appliance update
00:20 Fri Feb 7 Allowing it to succeed with missing files sounds dangerous!? Problem with TKLBAM backup (+simulation)
15:22 Thu Feb 6 Thanks a lot for the Problem with TKLBAM backup (+simulation)
01:31 Thu Feb 6 Thanks for posting back Jeff gitlab tklbam strategy
23:25 Wed Feb 5 Unfortunately, it's a known issue - but there's an easy fix Wordpress, Lets encrypt fail - urn:acme:error:badNonce
18:21 Wed Feb 5 second question: Wordpress, Lets encrypt fail - urn:acme:error:badNonce
05:40 Wed Feb 5 Hi Jeremy! gitlab tklbam strategy
00:51 Wed Feb 5 Thanks for the bump on this... Ushahidi upgrade
00:02 Wed Feb 5 Hi there, I suggest an override Problem with TKLBAM backup (+simulation)