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Recent comments

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02:11 Tue May 26 Great Info Wordpress With PHP 7.3
16:53 Mon May 25 thanks v16.0 Stable Release #4 - 8 more ISOs, Hub & Proxmox/LXC builds; plus VM builds
04:49 Mon May 25 Yep, should still work Odoo (TKL v16.0)
04:42 Mon May 25 It depends on how you have it set up &/or how you want it setup Add an extra HDD in Torrent Server
04:15 Mon May 25 Ah ok, thanks for reporting back. Canvas - RCE Server (Files Tab Greyed Out)
03:09 Mon May 25 Great thanks Carlos. Odoo (TKL v16.0)
03:09 Mon May 25 To get that page back, log in Wordpress With PHP 7.3
02:34 Mon May 25 Is TKLPatch still a viable solution for appliance customization? Odoo (TKL v16.0)
00:17 Mon May 25 Building the ISO for Odoo (TKLdev v16.0) has succeeded! Odoo (TKL v16.0)
16:50 Sun May 24 Reload Menus Wordpress With PHP 7.3
15:07 Sun May 24 stunnel.conf doesn't exist in v16.0 TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
03:35 Sun May 24 /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
23:19 Sat May 23 Hi Jeremy, Canvas - RCE Server (Files Tab Greyed Out)
19:23 Sat May 23 OK Lets do it! TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
06:55 Sat May 23 Thanks again Brian Wordpress With PHP 7.3
06:19 Sat May 23 Some more notes... Odoo (TKL v16.0)
06:18 Sat May 23 Yes! Perhaps you can help?! TurnKey LXC - Debian 10.3 - Buster Core
16:38 Fri May 22 Console Messages Wordpress With PHP 7.3
11:34 Fri May 22 Haha! Ironically I only just noticed this post! :) v16.0 Stable Release #2 - 10 more ISOs, Hub & Proxmox/LXC builds
10:59 Fri May 22 FWIW I noticed that my console got polluted over time.. Wordpress With PHP 7.3