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01:46 Tue Apr 7 Thanks for the additional info and context :) Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
01:21 Tue Apr 7 Hmm ok weird, my apologies... Ansible Appliance - Revoked Certificate
22:31 Mon Apr 6 Holy smokes!  I'm looking at Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
18:11 Mon Apr 6 Ok, I'm setting this up for a Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
17:29 Mon Apr 6 Certificate Ansible Appliance - Revoked Certificate
05:40 Mon Apr 6 You're most welcome! Good luck! :) Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
05:26 Mon Apr 6 Hi Jeremy, thanks for your Turnkey Redmine + DigitalOcean?
05:26 Mon Apr 6 Hi Jeremy, thanks for your Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
03:25 Mon Apr 6 Hi Michael, please see my response to your other post Turnkey Redmine + DigitalOcean?
03:23 Mon Apr 6 Hi MIchael, a few thoughts... Getting ass kicked on DigitalOcean
02:58 Mon Apr 6 So close.... Wordpress With PHP 7.3
02:54 Mon Apr 6 Hi there. Yes it does! :) Drupal 8 Composer
02:45 Mon Apr 6 Do you mean the browser warnings? Ansible Appliance - Revoked Certificate
19:30 Sun Apr 5 Any date yet for 7.3 PHP? Wordpress With PHP 7.3
09:55 Sat Apr 4 Solved Failed to bring up eth0
17:28 Thu Apr 2 Hi Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?
00:14 Thu Apr 2 Hmm that's weird... Cannot configure eth0 in 15.1 live boot
23:29 Wed Apr 1 Hi Mike - yes it's fixed Lets Encrypt Error
23:20 Wed Apr 1 It is NOT recommended to install Ubuntu packages! PHP 7.3
23:15 Wed Apr 1 Let's Encrypt Error Lets Encrypt Error