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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
05:16 Mon Jul 19 We force legacy interface names via kernel cmd New interfaces names in TurnkeyCore
04:41 Mon Jul 19 It should be configured to send mail directly Gitlab Email
04:26 Mon Jul 19 There is an assortment of docs on GitHub custom appliance: remove confconsole plugins
14:41 Sun Jul 18 The default profile makes TRAC 1.0.2 Migration to v14 - Error (No Trac environment found)
13:47 Sun Jul 18 Not working Gameserver update list
21:42 Sat Jul 17 Hi Jeremy, custom appliance: remove confconsole plugins
17:36 Thu Jul 15 I have the same problem like New turnkey gitlab installation not working
07:18 Wed Jul 14 Agreed! Gameserver update list
07:09 Wed Jul 14 This is probably not the right place to post?! Teamspeak3 and CSGO server?
02:01 Tue Jul 13 No it shouldn't, but backups are always good practice... dpkg error
16:07 Mon Jul 12 Will re-installing apache dpkg error
15:53 Mon Jul 12 Looks like a version mismatch. dpkg error
12:39 Mon Jul 12 Yup, you nailed it, that did Gameserver update list
10:08 Mon Jul 12 Currently TurnKey doesn't support docker guests [Suggestion] Pterodactyl Panel
05:41 Mon Jul 12 Great question! Gameserver update list
05:27 Mon Jul 12 Strange?! It is listing /var/local/lib/trac/hg-helloworld ?! TRAC 1.0.2 Migration to v14 - Error (No Trac environment found)
01:08 Mon Jul 12 Does it need to be? [Suggestion] Pterodactyl Panel
11:12 Sat Jul 10 Jeremy, TRAC 1.0.2 Migration to v14 - Error (No Trac environment found)
17:13 Thu Jul 8 Create users with home directory manually Domain Controller
11:46 Thu Jul 8 Neither apt, nor Webmin - Follow the Nextcloud docs How to update Nextcloud server