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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
17:29 Mon Oct 7 And I have got new error... Renewing LE cert, I get "JWS has no anti-replay nonce"...
13:17 Mon Oct 7 Email relay server Newbie advice.
07:51 Mon Oct 7 Thanks for letting me know about the missing dependency. confconsole sendinblue and default setup not working
05:47 Mon Oct 7 Hi Jeremy, confconsole sendinblue and default setup not working
04:06 Sun Oct 6 We're TurnKey Linux - so this is off-topic... Partition cloning
06:23 Sat Oct 5 It's probably worth a try... Side suggestion: Add re-captcha to forum posts to block all this spam.
05:13 Sat Oct 5 How about this one?! :) Anybody have a script to tie LetsEncrypt to cloudflare for DNS validation?
04:58 Sat Oct 5 Hmm, not sure why that was? missing file on download
04:58 Sat Oct 5 Looks like there's a package missing?! confconsole sendinblue and default setup not working
22:20 Fri Oct 4 Thank you! Is there a way to enable Grunt on the Magento 2 TKL ?
15:19 Fri Oct 4 Big Thanks ! Wkhtmltopdf issues on Turnkey Odoo
10:10 Fri Oct 4 Hi there How to Upgrade Redmine Server from version 1.4.4.stable(MySQL) to latest version.
01:19 Fri Oct 4 Ok great, thanks for the info. Dehydrated with 2 different domains
01:07 Fri Oct 4 Great, thanks JP! :) Dehydrated with 2 different domains
17:15 Thu Oct 3 A good help to know how to Drupal SA-CORE-2018-002 - Highly critical - Remote Code Execution vulnerability
17:00 Thu Oct 3 Turnkeylinux: congratulations v15.0 Stable Release #4 - final appliance roundup
16:47 Thu Oct 3 Thanks for the attention in New TurnKey appliance versioning regime
16:37 Thu Oct 3 A very interesting text, Webmin remote exploit/vulnerability does NOT affect TurnKey
16:15 Thu Oct 3 Hey Jeremy: Hopefully this helps Dehydrated with 2 different domains
13:01 Thu Oct 3 The time has come! v15.x - Updated apps, plus new Redis appliance