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01:49 Thu Jul 28 Well, fie . . . Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
02:06 Thu Jul 28 Updated settings Turnkey Moodle Upgrade Process - Frustrating
02:07 Thu Jul 28 Thanks for the update Joe! Turnkey Moodle Upgrade Process - Frustrating
02:19 Thu Jul 28 You'll need to do some investigation No interfaces are available (solved)
02:46 Thu Jul 28 I have recently spoken with plugwash (Peter Green) Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
03:00 Thu Jul 28 These instructions are really old... Converting a virtual disk image: VDI or VMDK to an ISO you can distribute
04:41 Thu Jul 28 That sounds like an "in" Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
04:53 Thu Jul 28 Actually, maybe we should reach out to this guy . . . Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
04:55 Fri Jul 29 If the server is not running then snapshots are ok New Hub feature: Server snapshots
21:09 Fri Jul 29 Thanks Jeremy -- much better New Hub feature: Server snapshots
02:36 Sat Jul 30 Side topic, so forking the chain a bit Collaboration with RPi Foundation?
04:46 Sun Jul 31 Don't underestimate... All your computers are belong to us: the dystopian future of security is now
16:43 Sun Jul 31 Permalinks problem Changing the default path for wordpress from root to <url>/blog
14:51 Mon Aug 1 bug in lvm2@initramfs Repository appliance: device mapper/lvm/initramfs issue
04:17 Tue Aug 2 All I did to solve the turnkey-lxc issue
05:06 Tue Aug 2 That certainly works! :) turnkey-lxc issue
05:13 Tue Aug 2 I suspect some conflicting Apache and/or WordPress config Changing the default path for wordpress from root to <url>/blog
05:21 Tue Aug 2 You shouldn't provide a secondary DNS Domain Controller no ping host or domain
11:19 Tue Aug 2 Backups tklbam local backup escrow keys
11:36 Tue Aug 2 Reply out of chain... Collaboration with RPi Foundation?