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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
16:08 Fri Nov 4 advice Getting started with Python and Lisp
13:18 Fri Nov 4 Hub still not updated however Hub Backup not in list
12:04 Fri Nov 4 really TurnKey Magento NOT vulnerable to CVE-2016-4010 remote PHP code execution
12:02 Fri Nov 4 Wow CVE-2016-5195: Dirty COW - Privilege escalation kernel vulnerability
06:32 Fri Nov 4 I know all about those rabbit holes. Ansible "Configs" for Turnkey
00:45 Fri Nov 4 No problem! :) AWS moving to paid
00:29 Fri Nov 4 It sounds like the Hub's cache is not refreshing Hub Backup not in list
00:12 Fri Nov 4 Where is this running? Can't Seem to Update Jenkins Via The Suggested Mechanism. (TKL 14.1; Jenkins 1.642.4)
18:10 Thu Nov 3 Thanks again for the updated AWS moving to paid
14:54 Thu Nov 3 infa The binary option scam: Evil Incorporated vs the "Don't Be Evil" corporation
14:52 Thu Nov 3 I am using Tor. Its good ZeroNet and IPFS: uncensorable auto-scaling BitTorrent powered websites
11:09 Thu Nov 3 Thank you How to locate account
09:30 Thu Nov 3 HI there. MailCleaner MIBs With Observium
07:27 Thu Nov 3 HVM is cheaper and/or what about the Hub? AWS moving to paid
23:57 Wed Nov 2 You're most welcome! :) How to locate account
23:02 Wed Nov 2 Figured it out Timing out trying to connect to server
22:06 Wed Nov 2 Steps to reproduce problem: Upgrading the MediaWiki appliance?
21:01 Wed Nov 2 This is an update to this Timing out trying to connect to server
20:41 Wed Nov 2 how to add domain, email to my turnkey nginx? how to add domain, email to my turnkey nginx?
19:48 Wed Nov 2 Thank you How to locate account