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12:00 Tue Oct 18 I have knowledge in programming Good course for learning software security.
15:40 Tue Oct 18 flashing text on screen A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
03:22 Wed Oct 19 Thanks tons for the additional info LXD Image Server?
03:40 Wed Oct 19 Stephane has replied already LXD Image Server?
03:43 Wed Oct 19 FWIW someone has! owncloud nextcloud
03:45 Wed Oct 19 Thanks for the feedback! Reverse Proxy Appliance
04:14 Wed Oct 19 Hi Richard Error: Incompatible License
04:16 Wed Oct 19 Thanks for the update Openvpn not working after upgrade
04:21 Wed Oct 19 Sorry I was so slow... ownCloud TC - untrusted domain error
05:24 Wed Oct 19 TBH I'm not 100% sure Use tklpatch to create an ISO from an existing (Turnkey-based) VM
05:31 Wed Oct 19 Hi George Name Based Virtual Hosts
05:37 Wed Oct 19 I'm not very familiar with CIFS/SMB webmin mount network shared
05:50 Wed Oct 19 The very last line gives the hint Tklbam-restore Fails on Docker Turnkeylinux/lamp-14.1
08:09 Wed Oct 19 What did you try? rsync
09:56 Wed Oct 19 Sorry this went unanswered... Undelete files
10:06 Wed Oct 19 Haha yeah I gave up. I Undelete files
23:04 Wed Oct 19 I have tweaked your user account settings Mollom is blocking me!
23:11 Wed Oct 19 Thanks. Then I can edit my Mollom is blocking me!
23:42 Wed Oct 19 How have you tried so far? LAMP How do I use local IPs as subdomains?
07:12 Thu Oct 20 I found this one, Someone please check it and help me Good course for learning software security.